Green Issue

Green used to mean new, innovative, and environmentally friendly. Green is not creating the same buzz it once was because pretty much everything in our industry is green. It is the new normal. Even the most basic forced air furnace is 90 percent efficient – and that is pretty good. We have the equipment and knowledge to design extremely efficient systems, but it will be many, many years before every home and building in Canada is operating at peak efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Standards were introduced by the government to encourage builders to maximize building and equipment competence. The province’s Energy Efficiency Act sets energy performance standards for devices that use, control, or affect the use of energy such as heating and cooling units, appliances, and lighting fixtures.

Standards like ENERGY STAR are the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency recognized by more than 90% of households. ENERGY STAR-certified homes and apartments are designed and constructed to be significantly more energy efficient than those built to code while lowering homeowner utility bills and providing superior comfort, quality, and durability. But, regardless, we expect equipment to be efficient and environmentally responsible.

What does that mean for the environment? As you improve the energy efficiency of your home and use lower amounts of electricity, we can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. Clean air to breathe is important! Looking for a new energy-efficient HVAC system, JHC can help! (416) 881-5425

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