UV light is an environmentally friendly product and is an effective way to improve indoor air quality. The disinfectant bulb is quite effective at getting rid of mold and bacteria growths within the heating & cooling units and removes unprocessed particles from the HVAC that causes odors and keeps the air in your home fresh. They are more effective in humid climates than dryer climates, can improve the heating and cooling efficiency and helps reduce electricity costs.

There are a couple different set ups for the UV lights that are designed to sanitize the HVAC systems. Some are placed inside the return air handlers, and some can be placed directly over the coils.

UV purifiers come in different amounts of power depending on the manufacturer. Some use a titanium oxide reflector while others use zinc ions. Some UV lights use 9-watt bulbs while others use 18-watt bulbs. UV lamps do not last forever and when they stop working, replacement is required. Want a better air quality return from your HVAC, call JHC (416) 881-5425