If you are considering a major repair on your HVAC system or simply wonder whether it is time to replace or not, here is some helpful information to consider.

How old is your heating and cooling system? ……. more than 10 years old, it would be better to replace your HVAC system now and save you electricity & money on repairs over time especially when the unit has become less efficient. Some of us still own an oil furnace. Yes, they can last a long time with regular maintenance. And the amount it costs to obtain oil is much more expensive compared to the cost of importing natural gas.

Are there rooms in your home that are too hot or too cold? Temperature imbalances can be caused by blocked vents or registers. Its possible that the ducts are full of dust and pollutants. A build up over time restricts the air flow and air quality. It’s a good idea to get the ducts cleaned out every couple of years. Closing the air supply vents will not save you money on heating and cooling bills; it will only block the air from getting in the room and cause damage to your HVAC and duct system. That’s why you should always leave air vents and registers completely open and unobstructed. Sometimes the ductwork is the wrong size for your home. The amount of air required to heat or cool each room of your house depends on the air velocity or air flow proportional to the size of the duct work. The wrong sized ducts will cause similar problems like those caused by the wrong sized unit, eventually putting too much pressure on your unit.

Is your heating or cooling system noisy.? Can be many factors leading to a control cover touching a relay switch, the control unit transformer fails, bad motor bearings or loose mounting hardware. Buzzing and similar vibrations may also be traced to detached piping that is not properly mounted and is transmitting vibrations from the heating appliance to the building.

If you do have any of these issues, do not attempt it alone. Call the HVAC expert ‘John’s Home Comfort’! Service calls, inspections, maintenance for all your heating and cooling systems.