What is a Thermostat and How Is That Important?

A thermostat is a device that routinely regulates temperature. Thermo (meaning heat) and statos (meaning to stay the same). It controls the gas supply or electricity to a heating and cooling system.

A thermostat is wired to a heating or cooling system such as a furnace or air conditioner unit and acts as a switch to turn the unit on and off automatically, based on the thermostat’s temperature setting and/or programmed time schedule.

When you set the temperature on a thermostat, the heat is controlled when the power of awaiting temperature reaches the set point, then the heat will be turned off. The heater will turn reverse once again when the room temperature drops below the set temperature and the cycle repeats.

Choosing to install a manual or best known as a (mechanical) thermostat, allows you the option of controlling the temperature with up and down buttons and another button that switches its function from cooling to heating, or vice versa.

It will stay at that point unless someone manually changes it or shuts it off. When you turn on a mechanical thermostat, you may have to wait for a short period of time before it heats up or cools down your residence.

The other choice of thermostat is the pre-programable system which is much easier and allows you to change the temperature that best suits your needs, without having to adjust it manually.

Once the thermostat is programmed it will automatically control the temperature for the duration of the set program and gives you the freedom to access and control it from anywhere, using a mobile device.

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